Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mixed Media Wax Bottle....

Exploring new art techniques and making it work with your own individual genre is intoxicating! Once again I sat around a table filled with 6 women, art supplies, lively chatter, excitement and delicious brownies. Robin Dudley Howes our instructor was filled with mixed media and wax techniques. What a delight! What started out as a plain bottle just kept getting more interesting as I added paper, rub paint, coffee stained cheese cloth, wire, rusted chain, words, milagros and more.... I was thrilled to learn this wax application and am anxious to incorporate it in my art. Thanks again to was a pleasure meeting you and new artists at the little shop in Tustin called Whimzy.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Art in a Box.....

Today I thought I would treat myself to an art class...I am so thrilled that I did. It was a mixed media shadow box and soldering class taught by Cheryl Waters and Rita Reade at the charming little store in Tustin called Whimzy. A group of six women sat around a beautifully decorated table filled with gifts and chocolate cupcakes. The process of creating the mixed media shadow box was filled with exciting chatter. Cheryl was a dream instructor filled with lots ideas and techniques....Rita another dream instructor taught the soldering with much patience and knowlegde. It was refreshing to see all the different art pieces that were created, meeting other artist and simply spending my day creating art. Stop in to see is a little gem.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unique Boxes.....

I have a love for unique boxes…..something about them intrigue me. Maybe it is the disbelief that someone else tossed it out! I do admit that part of it is anticipation of what might be inside. I have yet to open one and find a hidden treasure…….. I have them displayed throughout my home, in my work room holding art supplies, or in my bedroom being used as a jewelry box.
I just recently bought this one at a second hand store. It is made in Spain and it has that rustic look that I love! Here I have it in a mini installation in the center of my dining table. Other second hand store buys in this photo are the Christ statue, the pearl like rosary and even the cactus vase that holds my fresh flowers.
Although I am always amazed at what one discards as junk….I am so elated to discover them and make them part of my home.
You can find some treasures for sale through my Etsy shop. Stop by for a visit @

Monday, May 30, 2011

Discarded Treasures......

I have been shopping second hand stores for nearly 30 years. My eye is now trained at seeking out what was junk to one and is an absolute treasure to me. Hence the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. I have furnished my home with beautiful and unique pieces, have discovered a vast array of ethnic clothing, a stunning collection of vintage handbags, a proudly displayed ethnic cloth doll collection of nearly 100, a beautiful collection of handmade crochet table cloths and linens, and more……
I also love gathering little discarded gems that breathe new life into my art. Recycled jewelry made into hand knotted rosaries, painted picture frames for my amate ink and stitch art, vintage buttons made into unique stacked button jewelry, handbags created with men’s neckties, cards made from unused stationary, etc…..
It is all part of what feeds my passion….it is a thrill and excitement that is ever present in discovering the next discarded treasure….and searching and gathering for the next gem to recycle, up cycle, reconstruct etc……
Here is one of the latest discarded treasures I found …..A collection of vintage Mariachi buttons. Wow! I could not contain my excitement….I anxiously came home and began to give them new life. These very cool buttons made their way onto two of my leather vest.. Others made their way into earrings. Both ideas are featured here.
The Mariachi earrings are available through my Etsy shop Mexisoul. Please stop by for a visit.
I hope you enjoy a taste of my soul!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Amor Eterno.....

Amor Eterno.....Eternal Love. The words themselves sound so beautiful...a love that last forever. If we are lucky we meet that special someone sometime through out our lives that we share that timeless love with.....something that never goes away. It simply continues. A love everlasting!

This original Design is created with Ink on Handmade Bark Paper called Amate. Amate paper is made by the Otomoi Indians of mexico. A tradition passed down for over 3000 years. Matted on recycled wood.