Sunday, October 14, 2012

Upcycled Apron Dresses

I have always had a love for the apron... for years I have had the pleasure of collecting some very unique and beautiful pieces. It is difficult to see them worn as an apron but more as an extention of ones style.  For many generations aprons were worn solely to protect ones clothing. There are many differnt styles ranging from the half apron, bib apron, smock apron etc.
With my creative spirit and my drive to recycle; my collection are now being made into sweet apron dresses. Here are a few of my designs. Please visit my on line shop for more of my upcyled art.

Apron dress made form a Guatemalan embroidered apron.
                            Apron dress back view....

This dress was created by using this very cool vintage apron. Front and back view....

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Alternative Wedding Dresses........

The word recycle is becoming such an everyday term in today’s society. In the art world terms like upcycle and repurpose are giving the word recycle new meaning. With a touch of creativity giving a discarded item of clothing a new purpose is allowing the world of art and design to branch into beautiful original one of kind designs. It is about creating Wearable Art …..another form of art and a cool way to recycle.
I love giving old things a new life with a new look. Here are a few of my OOAK designs. I imagine them as alternative
wedding dresses for the bride who wants something just alittle different or a one of a kind design. Available through my shop, please stop by for a visit.

This dress was created by using a vintage 1970's natural crochet skirt, vintage doilies, vintage crochet trims and vintage natural muslin.

This dress was created by using a vintage 1970's plum colored patchwork gored skirt, recycled strapless bustier, vintage doilies and vintage trims.

This dress was created by using a vintage tiered black and cotton crochet trim shirt, vintage doilies, vintage crochet trims and vintage natural muslin.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hand Knotted Rosaries....

The word Rosary has a few meanings: “Crown of Roses”, “Rose Garden” or “Garden of Roses”, all sound beautiful. The Rosary is a Marian Devotion; it is a gift of oneself in terms of prayers to the Virgin Mary.  There is a mental tranquility that comes with praying the prayer beads of the Rosary. The Lord’s Prayer followed by 10 Hail Mary’s is called a decade. There are five decades and the praying of each comes meditation for one of the Mysteries of the Rosary. There are twenty mysteries that are divided into the Joyful Mysteries, Luminous Mysteries, Sorrowful Mysteries, and Glorious Mysteries.  It is a simple set of prayers that represent the beauty of the Rosary.

I create these one of a kind Rosaries from recycled beads and unique findings. Each Rosary is hand knotted with hemp, yarn, or cord. I use traditional crosses or crucifixes’s  but, sometimes stretch the tradition with an artful idea. I love sacred heart Milagros and Mexican folk art pieces like talavera moons and suns and use these in place of a cross. My Rosaries are traditional only in the sense that they are actual rosaries that can be used for prayer. Otherwise I see them as OOAK (original one of a kind) pieces of art. I hope you enjoy a taste of my soul. You can find my Rosaries through my Etsy shop.