Sunday, October 14, 2012

Upcycled Apron Dresses

I have always had a love for the apron... for years I have had the pleasure of collecting some very unique and beautiful pieces. It is difficult to see them worn as an apron but more as an extention of ones style.  For many generations aprons were worn solely to protect ones clothing. There are many differnt styles ranging from the half apron, bib apron, smock apron etc.
With my creative spirit and my drive to recycle; my collection are now being made into sweet apron dresses. Here are a few of my designs. Please visit my on line shop for more of my upcyled art.

Apron dress made form a Guatemalan embroidered apron.
                            Apron dress back view....

This dress was created by using this very cool vintage apron. Front and back view....