Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mixed Media Wax Bottle....

Exploring new art techniques and making it work with your own individual genre is intoxicating! Once again I sat around a table filled with 6 women, art supplies, lively chatter, excitement and delicious brownies. Robin Dudley Howes our instructor was filled with mixed media and wax techniques. What a delight! What started out as a plain bottle just kept getting more interesting as I added paper, rub paint, coffee stained cheese cloth, wire, rusted chain, words, milagros and more.... I was thrilled to learn this wax application and am anxious to incorporate it in my art. Thanks again to was a pleasure meeting you and new artists at the little shop in Tustin called Whimzy.


  1. Thank you many new techniques to play with.

  2. Diane, what a great treasure you have created! And your interpretation of the art box from Rita's class is incredible! Thanaks again for coming. robin

  3. Thank you Robin..I just went out to purchase my wax melting pot. I have much excitement to create.