Monday, May 30, 2011

Discarded Treasures......

I have been shopping second hand stores for nearly 30 years. My eye is now trained at seeking out what was junk to one and is an absolute treasure to me. Hence the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”. I have furnished my home with beautiful and unique pieces, have discovered a vast array of ethnic clothing, a stunning collection of vintage handbags, a proudly displayed ethnic cloth doll collection of nearly 100, a beautiful collection of handmade crochet table cloths and linens, and more……
I also love gathering little discarded gems that breathe new life into my art. Recycled jewelry made into hand knotted rosaries, painted picture frames for my amate ink and stitch art, vintage buttons made into unique stacked button jewelry, handbags created with men’s neckties, cards made from unused stationary, etc…..
It is all part of what feeds my passion….it is a thrill and excitement that is ever present in discovering the next discarded treasure….and searching and gathering for the next gem to recycle, up cycle, reconstruct etc……
Here is one of the latest discarded treasures I found …..A collection of vintage Mariachi buttons. Wow! I could not contain my excitement….I anxiously came home and began to give them new life. These very cool buttons made their way onto two of my leather vest.. Others made their way into earrings. Both ideas are featured here.
The Mariachi earrings are available through my Etsy shop Mexisoul. Please stop by for a visit.
I hope you enjoy a taste of my soul!

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