Sunday, June 12, 2011

Unique Boxes.....

I have a love for unique boxes…..something about them intrigue me. Maybe it is the disbelief that someone else tossed it out! I do admit that part of it is anticipation of what might be inside. I have yet to open one and find a hidden treasure…….. I have them displayed throughout my home, in my work room holding art supplies, or in my bedroom being used as a jewelry box.
I just recently bought this one at a second hand store. It is made in Spain and it has that rustic look that I love! Here I have it in a mini installation in the center of my dining table. Other second hand store buys in this photo are the Christ statue, the pearl like rosary and even the cactus vase that holds my fresh flowers.
Although I am always amazed at what one discards as junk….I am so elated to discover them and make them part of my home.
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