Sunday, August 1, 2010

La Virgen de Guadalupe.....

The Virgen de Guadalupe is my saint of saints! I have said countless prayers to Our Lady over the years for guidance. I open my heart to her and in return she helps me overcome. She gives me strength to get through the times that are clouded with my tears and sometimes bad judgment. We are small in this world of sorrows and unjust times difficult to keep faith in people, moral principles, and religious beliefs.

My Virgen de Guadalupe art consists of hours of handwork that sooths my heart. Since she has been my guidance through prayer it is only natural I have poured many hours into these art pieces.
I use natural slubby muslin for the center in which the Virgen image is embroidered. Other materials I used are cotton and metallic embroidery thread, felt, painted recycled frames and passion for Our Lady.

The Virgen de Guadalupe is more than just an image, it is a history lesson. Symbols of her dress hold a special meaning to the indigenous people of Mexico.

• The mantle (her robe) is blue/green, the color reserved for Ometecuhti/Onecihuatl who are the divine couple considered the creator and unifying force of all creation. The mantle is covered with stars and these reflect the eras of this civilization and the relationship to Ometeotl the god of all duality.
• The dress/robe is red with symbolic “writings” that tell a story to the Nahuatl people.
• The belt worn by the Virgin is a maternity band, explaining expectant birth or new expectations.
• The virgin is stepping on the moon, indicating greater importance in relation to the sister of the sun, Coyolxauhqui.
• The golden rays of the sun point to the presence of the “sun” god, Quetzalcoatl.
• The angel who “carries” the virgin is perceived as the symbol for a new beginning, and also denotes Nahuatl nobility since royalty were carried.

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